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At The Olive, we pride ourselves on being able to arrange just about anything, ensuring exceptional and unique holiday experiences by making the impossible possible. Below is a selection of our most popular concierge requests, but please do not feel limited by this list!

Almost anything you may need or desire can be attended to, and is simply a phone call or WhatsApp message away.


We probably don’t need to remind you that Ibiza’s nightlife is amongst the most exciting and legendary in the entire world. Its club calendar is hotly anticipated across the globe. These clubs offer something truly special and must be experienced to be believed.

Contact the Concierge team to stay abreast of the hottest club events, promotions, and rumours, as well as to arrange efficient transport to and from The Olive to ensure the smoothest night possible. We will also be standing by the day after with healing fresh juices, late breakfasts delivered to your suite and Bloody Marys on demand, should that be of help!



Image by Ian Keefe

Try as you might, there is simply no experience more soul-restoring than taking to the seas to enjoy the cool breeze, stunning ocean views, and unforgettable sunsets as you gently bob over the shore of the Mediterranean.


Whether you want to simply lay down on the deck to catch the best of the Ibizan sun, swim and party with old friends and new, or rip across the ocean with your own hands at the wheel, there is a boating experience out there for you.


Simply contact the Concierge, and we’ll arrange your perfect boating excursion. 


The Olive and its gorgeous surroundings are proud hosts of all manner of guests, parents and children alike.

Whether you want to arrange child-friendly days out to produce some of the most memorable experiences of their lives, or catch a well-deserved break from mummy and daddy responsibilities, we have you covered. 


With links to background-checked, professional day-care and minding services for children of all ages, we are able relieve you of your duties day or night, so that you can enjoy the best of what the island has to offer in peace and solitude. Contact the Concierge team to find out more. 




Given the breath-taking beauty of the island, even something as essential as travel has the potential to be both enjoyable and memorable, which is why there is a huge variety
of ways to get around.

Frequently running shuttle buses and 24/7 taxis are on hand to take you to important island destinations, as well as personally operated travel such as rental cars, bikes, scooters, and more recreational vehicles
such as bicycles can be arranged
at a moment’s notice.

Simply call the Concierge team and offer a destination and/or preferred method of travel, and we’ll take care of the rest. 


There is no shortage of things to do on the island. Whatever your taste, be it adventurous or relaxed, curious or withheld, terrestrial or nautical, there are a thousand different things to do on any given day within close reach of The Olive.

Snorkelling, sailing, climbing, hiking, exploring, partying, exercising, spiritual enquiry, and countless more are waiting for your participation. If you can imagine it, we are ready to make the necessary phone calls to make it happen. 

Contact the Concierge team to arrange, well, anything at all.  

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